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Hyundai prepares electric trains with a power reserve of 322 km.

Hyundai sonataHyundai does not cease to amaze the world with confidence of innovation progress, which is embodied in a brand new development.

Thus, the chairman of Hyundai Motor for the development of “green” cars Pyun Ki Ahn said that by 2018 in the model range of the brand will be a serial electric car with Sonata led headlights. power reserve of 322 km, and to the 2020 – model at 402 km.

Currently, most of the urban middle class electric cars have a relatively small reserve. On average – 150-250 kilometers on a single charge.

Hyundai Motor demonstrates a real breakthrough in the field of environmentally friendly vehicles. Not long ago, the brand introduced the world’s first production car model, which is offered as a simple hybrid, hybrid charging from the wall outlet and electric car – Hyundai Ioniq – and has already said about the presentation of the new technology of electric vehicles with a large reserve.