-     Written by landing

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cars

Cars have many advantages and disadvantages. The advantages include:

●      Ease of communication where there is less hassle to get word around.

●      Families can go out together with ease, they don’t have to worry if they can catch a bus with enough space for them or in time to go where they are going, and a car will ease this hassle.

●      Fast commute from place to another as with buses they stop a lot and this increase the time that they will take to reach from one place to another.

●      Cars is an advantage to old and sick people.


The Disadvantages include:


●      An increase in pollution.

●      Dependence on cars which we know is not too good.

●      Decrease in exercise practices such as walking and cycling which helps to maintain a fit and healthy body.

●      The decrease previously mentioned can lead to a number of diseases.

●      Traffic: The more cars there are means more vehicles on the road, which can cause a whole lot of traffic.

●      Cars are a high risk of getting into an accident.

●      Expensive to maintain considering the cost for insurance, gas and repairs.

●      Cars are pretty expensive to own.