2016, 2015 Nissan Qashqai Review

Welcome to a Streisand number one new kasha reports are review well tonight we’re looking at the 2015 missing Nissan Qashqai, we got the TI model here in the showroom let’s take a closer look. Sporty and dynamic front end with shop lines an attractive D telling really compliment the means business shop nice with angular headlamps and distinctive LED running lights while the twin crime vase on the grill add to the rugged off road to look and feel at the read the LED to. All of the call. A cash because I also feel Spoiler off refer. Slick Rick Sportiness 2 it’s solid and. TI model also features. Alloys as A cash coz 430 legalize. Area with all past. Featuring Flat loading lip and vise floss. From a clip the false floor that doubles as a beautiful. Follow the re bench seat flat and. Chris is 5 I’ve ladies. More info Nissan Qashqai headlights read at http://theharshlightofday.com/nissan-qashqai/headlights.html

Nissan Qashqai

A Nissan Qashqai interior is both stylish and practical with soft touch materials and quality finishes throughout including live X, into the interior featured in the T on model it also features nearly design spinal support sakes and enhance console lie out which keeps the driver informed by the advanced driver ceased to supply. A 7 inch display he’s standing in the T on model featuring and around view monitor offering a 360 degree view of you surrounds reversing camera satellite navigation and missing connect which uses hands free technology together with your smart fine it’s loaded with features and comes with apps such as Pandora jewels on climate control and intelligent key with push button start also come standard with the long wheelbase of the new cash economies that rear passengers get true comfort combined with superior legroom and headroom. A TI model also comes standard with a panoramic glass roofs act divided virus tractable some at the touch of a button.

interior Nissan Qashqai
The Qashqai a range includes I truly to in our 20 petrol engine producing 106 kilowatts of power and 200 Newton metres of torque while the 1.6 liter turbo diesel engine is also available producing 96 kilowatts of power with 320 Newton metres of torque by things ins are available with the extra thick CVT transmission or 6 speed manual transmission producing great fuel economy of only 7.7 latest, per 0 Columbus a cruiser with a commanding seating hot then you cash card also gets an electric power assisted steering system across the range active trace control active ride control and active engine break plus cash coz independent struck front suspension and multi link rear suspension or combine for a smooth and responsive ride with bombs and speed humps dampened effectively.

You can also click in the sports night to get offended feel and increase feedback from the right because going kludge nuisance safety shield rhymes which incorporates front collision avoidance driver attention support and traffic sign recognition 6 front side and curtain airbags compliment the vehicle dynamic control anti lock braking system electronic brake force distribution and brake assist come standard cash guys backed by nuisance 36 months or 100000 climate a new vehicle warranty you can extend this to fit a 36 months covering pots repairs plus nuisance premium roadside assistance 7 dice awake. When you cash cow is a welcome addition to the Nixon rhymes with distinct stalling in Boston treatments on the previous year Wallace it’s no wonder it was crowned car of the year in the UK.

2008 Chevrolet Equinox LTZ V6 AWD

2008 Chevrolet Equinox LTZThe all new 2008 Chevy Equinox, is off to a hot start demand is exceeding supply as consumers of the successful previous generation model look to upgrade and new shoppers give GM’s latest small cross over a look. Prior to this test drive had already been in 2 different GMC terrains so the Equinox build them Billiards. I didn’t fall in love with A 4 cylinder or vc It’s terrains. I was a bit I wasn’t even a fan of the first Gen models but a subtle difference between the Equinox and its GMC counterpart went to my preference towards this. The rain is a Butch looking SUV with an aspirational name to match. And for that the GMC fall short of expectations. The Equinox on the other hand is urban chic it’s styled in the vein of a smaller Chevy traverse, and has considerable curb appeal it comes off as less pretentious and friendlier over all that being said it still has some warts that I didn’t like in the terrain This tester has the optional V6 and all wheel drive the 3 litre 264 horse engine while reasonably fuel efficient and powerful comes across as a little course.

It immediately makes you long for GM is far superior 3.6 liter unit. And for that reason think most buyers would be better off sticking with the base 2.4 liter 4 cylinder which feels more fitting here and that’s 3 more anti Jeez. The V6 with all wheel drive is rated at 17 MPG city and 24 highway the other attributes which makes the Equinox not as satisfying to drive as some of its small you competitors is its size. It’s looked upon as a compact crossover but there’s no denying it’s quite a bit bigger and it drives that way too that doesn’t have that nimble this that makes vehicles like the Honda CRV, so easy to maneuver and no I found a little more mo Jo to enjoy in the Equinox it’s still largely leaves any passion or excitement outside it’s competent certainly roomie and has a great looking interior there are some nice features in this op level LTZ tram like heated seats. Сar also has a very high-quality optics, new 2008 Chevy Equinox headlight assembly shine at night is great.

Power liftgate OnStar remote start a rear view camera Bluetooth sat radio and a USB port and it’s a minor the 19 inch chrome wheels and a sunroof. Total price as seen here is 33 0 735 certainly not cheap. If you’re searching for something a bit bigger than the mainstream about the same size as a jeep grand Cherokee Equinox might fit your needs Or drive time.

2001 Dodge Durango headlights

You guys Charles here again with don Marshall and were standing firm in this beautiful car this is a 2001 dodge durango RT headlights package the artsy package is really really cool it’s the sportier looking Durango and they’ve added some cool new features for 2015 right off the bat you’ll notice that it has a blacked out grille which has the signature cross look of the Dodge grill you know it’s kind of their their emblem you know you can just tell dodged by the grill they got projector headlights a standard on the RT package and these are an arty specialty as well a 20 inch gun metal aluminum alloy wheel no 1 of the other cool things you notice different about the RT is that they’ve eliminated the roof rails and what that does is it gives a little bit more of a streamlined look see that streamline roof the whole front bumper is a little bit lower and it has a front air dam to give you a little better.

It Less wind resistance I guess is the best way to put it. LED turn signals are standard on the R. T. package and it has a bunch of other things inside we definitely want to show you. The Durango is a thorough vehicle. And this really is. Chrysler Dodge jeep the whole brands headlights. Premier third row SUV and is their top of the line so take a peek back here you’ll notice the RT package comes with bucket seats in the second row it’s one of the very few SUVs these days that have a bucket seats second row. A thorough was actually folded down right now but I’ll show you in the trunk Cali pop up. It’s just a simple tabbed. And we can pull up your third row pops. You got seat there headrests. And your third row is in place. With still a decent on a cargo room. It’s kind of cool. And we have a power liftgate so we’ll disclose that down.

But Sir to be honest. Most of my favorite parts about the RT are gonna be inside so we’re gonna take this thing for spin let’s get. Now they were inside the 2001 Durango I wanted to show you this drive select knob which is a little bit different than what we’re used to there’s no shift lever in this car it’s all right there with that little knob and it’s really interesting and fun may be slightly difficult to get used to it first but definitely entertaining. More info: 2001 Dodge Durango headlights This vehicle is built on the same chassis as the the grand Cherokee but it’s a little bit longer wheelbase see you end up having an even softer ride. It really is a great family vehicle you’ve got 7 passenger seating.

Which is amazing. Some pastor capability this as the bucket seats so it’s 6 Butta. Definitely some passenger capability in the RT package has a ton of standard features. You have. 8 inch color touch screen monitor which is best in class you can control everything on this thing the navigation system the phone system the climate control I can even turn on my ventilated seats not only does it heated seats but ventilated seats. You control your radio from this touch screen monitor and also was wearing view your backup camera it’s it really is a complete car entertainment system and it is best in class being 8 inches. Corner to corner. Which is phenomenal. You’re gonna have steering real radio controls cruise control hands free Bluetooth now we are T. package. Comes with the 5.7 liter hemi which is an absolute monster but you also have other options like me pentastar V. 6 which is you know Chrysler Dodge jeep ram’s premier V. 6 motor now this vehicle also comes with an area an automatic all wheel drive system which is intuitive so it kicks in as it’s needed so you don’t even have to select a thing but it also has a low range 4 wheel drive system. Just in case you get stuck somewhere but as a rule you just leave it in auto and you’re good to go. Now.

The RT package it really is the sportier version. Of the Durango and. Maybe I’m biased but it’s definitely my favorite. Now there are 1000000 different options that we can discuss about what this vehicle is capable of it still has a towing capability even though it’s the sport package it still has payload capabilities it’s got some light off roading capabilities and some other packages. But it’s a. If you really want all those details which you need to do is you need to come on down to don Marshall. Talk to one of the sales product specialist here. And it will give you all the details that we’ve kinda skipped over in what we call the quick look. Where you just get a view of the car some of the basic packages. And some of the options that are available. But if you don’t feel like getting off your couch you don’t have to even log on to don Marshall auto.com.

You talk to somebody the other instant chat program which is amazing I’m done it before just for fun but tell you really can get some good information there. So if you want to do that that’s great but also one of the most important things don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel and you can get up to date videos on every new vehicle that comes out of time. Don’t forget to subscribe we’ll see you next time.

Hyundai prepares electric trains with a power reserve of 322 km.

Hyundai sonataHyundai does not cease to amaze the world with confidence of innovation progress, which is embodied in a brand new development.

Thus, the chairman of Hyundai Motor for the development of “green” cars Pyun Ki Ahn said that by 2018 in the model range of the brand will be a serial electric car with Sonata led headlights. power reserve of 322 km, and to the 2020 – model at 402 km.

Currently, most of the urban middle class electric cars have a relatively small reserve. On average – 150-250 kilometers on a single charge.

Hyundai Motor demonstrates a real breakthrough in the field of environmentally friendly vehicles. Not long ago, the brand introduced the world’s first production car model, which is offered as a simple hybrid, hybrid charging from the wall outlet and electric car – Hyundai Ioniq – and has already said about the presentation of the new technology of electric vehicles with a large reserve.

How to replace the catalytic converter.

catalytic converterTypically, the catalyst life is in the range of 100 thousand kilometers, but under fault conditions of the ignition system, improper feeding of a mixture or low-quality fuel resources is significantly reduced.

The catalyst, which is inefficient and has already spent its service life, must be replaced. And that replacement of catalytic converter is a very touchy subject for each owner, as new catalysts are quite expensive because of the content of a precious metal. Plus neutralization modern systems is a receiver in a tube consisting of catalyst in a body and the exhaust manifold and replacement is subject to not only the catalyst but also the whole structure completely.

Due to these factors, the replacement process is very laborious and expensive, which leads to the fact that most car owners simply get rid of unprofitable neutralizing device, without installing the new one.

ATV cf moto 500.

ATV motoATV cf moto 500 is really versatile product, which is produced by a quite popular company. In particular, this model is a quad core version, it is positioned as an entry-level representative, but with all the necessary options, proven quality and comparatively low price policy:

  • Four-stroke engine, single cylinder, fitted by 4 valves. The fuel system is represented by the carburettor. The starter is a manual as well as electric. Ignition transistor, with electronic ignition timing control, and computer control.
  • CVT Transmission is automatic, but has specialized possibilities, in particular operating mode can, if it is necessary, block deferential but under compulsion.
  • Number of seats – two. Fuel tank capacity is 19 liters. The minimum design speed – 90 kilometers per hour.
    The pulling force up to 350 kilograms. Turning radius up to 4 meters. Plus standard equipment includes tow bar, winch, multifunction dashboard, aluminum wheels, mirrors, lens head light.